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Endangered America

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As we try to endure through these times of record spending, government bailouts, and the great ObamaNation Proclamation. I can’t help but wonder if Americans are an endangered species. It seems painfully obvious that we are on the precipice of becoming the new “Socialist States of America”. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated through misdirection and false promises. Before I go

Class Warfare

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Unfortunately many uninformed Americans are taken in by LEFTIST deceit, so skillful at acting out Willful Misunderstanding, along with a serious helping of economic illiteracy. Yet the drumbeat of victim hood, by Democrats and a Media interested only in Nanny-State-Activism, each under the guise of compassion, only reinforces this irresponsible behavior, encouraging its continuance. We

Organic Stupidity

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Imagine a world populated by billions of people,never realizing their minds are not totally their own, and all under control of a dominating few with a diabolical agenda born of corporate self interest. But wait a minute – We don’t have to imagine this fantastic scenario –   We are in fact already living it.